Jamaican Non-Governmental Organizations

This page gives details of some of the Jamaican Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

ICT4D Jamaica

ICT4D Jamaica is an open, Jamaican-based network organization established to define, promote and facilitate the use of information and communication technology in the development process.

Membership is an open invitation to all individuals and groups from Jamaica, the region and the rest of the world who have experience, knowledge or an interest in the application of ICT in the development process; those who wish to contribute, share, research, learn and/or effectively apply ICT to governance, education and training, community development, business and commerce and particularly within the context of the Jamaican socio-economic and cultural experience and for the benefit of society.

Jamaica Sustainable Development Networking Programme

The Jamaica Sustainable Development Network Ltd, is a not for profit, non governmental organization which had it beginnings as an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It is part of a global programme developed in response to Agenda 21, which articulated the need for improved information dissemination to support sustainable development (SNDP). After five years as a UNDP programme (1998-2002), the Network was registered under The Companies Act of Jamaica.

Jamaican Telecentres

Clicking this link takes you to a list of known telecentres in Jamaica

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